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At Clear Vision Construction, LLC we take our work seriously. We all know that the roof on your house or office is subjected to the most severe abuse from weather. Sun, rain, heat, and frost, are constantly beating your roof up specially here in Oregon & Washington where the weather is so rough.

Unfortunately, customers as well as many Portland roofing companies tend to rarely pay attention to the state of roofs beforehand. Most of the times a lot of us notice problems only after some damage on the inside of the house has been observed. By then, however, together with a roofing project, the interior work needs to be done as well.

     There are many ways to prevent unnecessary expenses associated with roofs.  The easiest of them is to call us – local roofing contractor New Jersey and Pennsylvania home owners talk about. During the appointment our representative will give you an honest answer about the state of your roof, and advise you if the new roof installation or just a repair is recommended. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our perfect reputation speaks for itself.


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Windows & Doors

Save Energy
Adding free sunlight into your home or office offers the full visible spectrum of light that reduces eye strain and makes our belongings look their true color while blocking out harmful UV rays. Simply, people are just much happier under the sun! It even helps indoor plants thrive.

Tile & Concrete Floors

Is without a doubt the most exciting flooring innovation in recent years, and has endless possibilities!

Roofing Repair

Our roof repair method is Charlotte's easiest and most cost effective way to do roof repairs. Most leaky roof problems stem from one of 4 common issues. Still, many companies that only specialize in roof replacements do not know how to effectively find a roof leak. Our company has a roof repair specialists designated to estimate and perform all of our roof repairs, and they are familiar with the process of locating and correcting those problems. Understanding where roof leaks come from, and making an effective roof repair actually takes a more skillful roofer than a new roof installation. We are often called to clean up the roof repair work of other contractors, and it's unfortunate that the customers didn't call us the first time. CZ Contractors repairs your roof the right way, we don't just caulk or tar your problem. We also provide a 1 year ltd. transferable warranty on all of our repair work.

The most common locations of a roof leak are:

Leaking Pipe Collars

Broken Shingles

Exposed Nail Punctures

Failed Flashing

particulate and microorganisms, preventing exposure and thus, vastly improving working conditions.

Bath & Kitchen Remodeling

Want to open up a dark interior kitchen or bath? Want to make the beauty of the open sky part of your design plans? Consider installing a skylight, It's a way of introducing more natural light into a room, bringing more of the outdoors inside,"

New Windows and Doors could save up to 30% on your energy bill and will enhance the

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